MAVIG GmbH has been providing radiation protection for 1921. Important for MAVIG are long-term, true partnerships with our suppliers and customers worldwide, based on trust and cooperation. Many of our business relations reach back 50 years and more.

As an independent research and manufacturing company, MAVIG products stand for quality and reliability. We set international standards with our intelligent solutions for the medical industry.

Our products are manufactured with the latest technology and processes at the company’s location in Munich, Germany.

The recognition from our customers is both an affirmation and motivation, to continue to invest our energy and competence, in further research and the development for innovative solutions in the medical field.

MAVIG’s innovative development of the next version of the MAVIG signature contour cut-out overhead radiation shield OT54 / OT94 Radial Femoral Overhead Shield used in combination with the proprietary drapes can reduce the scatter by 90%. The MAVIG WD261 Height Adjustable Body Contoured Mobile Barrier is an ergonomic tableside radiation protective solution. MAVIG has a full radiation protection product line and accessories.

The MAVIG WD261 Height Adjustable Body Contoured Mobile Barrier was designed as an ergonomic radiation protective solution. The end-user can wear a vest and thyroid collar; thus eliminating the need for a protective skirt or full protective length apron.

MAVIG's full line of radiation protective aprons, glasses, gloves and other accessories complete the radiation protection product line.

Please visit the MAVIG Booth #1417 at AHRA to see the latest in radiation protection.


25 Hytec Circle
Rochester, New York 14606-4255
United States of America



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