Heartbeat by Intelligent Imaging


Heartbeat by Intelligent Imaging is a solution that provides an early warning system for your enterprise medical imaging system’s performance. Anytime, day or night, you will know when slowdowns begin, when sources or PACS stop providing images, and when servers go offline. The solution has specific, configurable messaging to the IT team, enabling proactive efforts to help avoid the painful problems caused by everyday system issues. Heartbeat is a unique solution that monitors, succinctly notifies, and assists in troubleshooting your entire medical imaging environment. The solution benchmarks “normal” operations, while the analytics and reporting package identifies trending performance problems and issues by device.

How Heartbeat Works in 90 Seconds


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  • Identify issues before the clinicians are impacted
  • Determine which system or server is down or slow
  • Reduce the time it takes to resolve system incidents
  • Eliminate “finger-pointing” between vendors
  • Improve physician satisfaction
  • Prevent system incidents before patient safety is affected
  • Reclaim lost revenue by eliminating unproductive time
  • Improve IT operational efficiency
  • Business analytics