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Interconnected Solutions

Driven by its commitment to advance radiology today and tomorrow, Guerbet Diagnostic Imaging has designed a portfolio of interconnected contrast imaging solutions to enhance your decision-making at each point of the patient journey, from diagnosis, to treatment, to follow-up, so you can focus on what matters most: efficiently improving patient outcomes.

High Quality Contrast Media

For Enahnced Clinical Decision-Making

Industry-trusted contrast media products with established efficacy and safety. Robust and innovated contrast media pipeline with strong medical support and educational programs.

Smart Injection Solutions

For Safe and Efficient Injections

Large, flexible range of injectors and consumables that can be tailored to the practice and/or patients’ needs. Technical support services recognized for their expertise and reliability.

Innovative Digital Solutions

For Heightened Patient Safety and Productivity

  • Contrast&Care®, a complete contrast media injection management system with a patient-centered approach to diagnosis and treatment;
  • Dose&Care®, a state-of-the-art X-ray dose management solution to monitor patient radiation exposure, and;
  • IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, a cloud-based AI solution to seamlessly integrate radiologists’ workflow

Optimal Service and Support


Our promise to make your needs a top priority, responding quickly and efficiently to ensure a high-quality customer experience for optimal performance of your equipment. ;


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