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Founded in 1997 and based in North Charleston, SC, Avreo is a leading healthcare software provider of the only single database complete RIS/PACS/EHR solution, cohesively connecting each step in the radiology workflow and improving the overall structure for healthcare organizations across the country. Avreo’s product line continues to focus on healthcare workflow solutions with the addition of Avreo Cloud VR, AutoMate Authorizations Management, Capacifi High Availability, Capacifi DICOM, and other related products.

For hospitals, radiology reading groups, and ambulatory imaging providers who want to ensure radiology is a team player within the overall healthcare discussion, Avreo interWORKS provides EHR for Radiology to extend RIS, PACS, Dictation, Transcription, and Distribution functionality to excel in distributed reading environments and meaningfully communicates with enterprise healthcare systems.

To better serve the communication needs of ordering physicians, interWORKS offers both on-demand tools, such as interWORKS Mobile for iPad and iPhone, and automated report distribution, such as fax. Integrated statistical reporting tools identify trends so your organization can respond with actionable changes.

Cloud VR
Using Avreo Cloud VR, radiologists can quickly and reliably create interpretations using cloud-based speech technology from any location where they use interWORKS, such as a clinical, hospital, or home office. Single sign-on technology automatically activates within interWORKS and the radiologist can start using voice recognition immediately. The robust medical vocabulary and learn as you go VR training help radiologists get up and running quickly. Radiologists who have started using Avreo Cloud VR with interWORKS have reported that the accuracy and voice recognition is excellent.

AutoMate Authorizations Management
With AutoMate Authorizations Management, providers can automate the processing of eligibility and authorizations, drastically reducing the time and effort required to obtain necessary approvals. In addition, AutoMate scripts the financial conversation identifying the patient’s payment responsibility according to individual healthcare business rules, documents payment agreements, and manages the collections cycle by handling patient agreements via integration with credit card merchants. AutoMate is available as a stand-alone solution in the cloud or can be directly added to interWORKS RIS/PACS as an optional module providing complete authorizations processing within a single application.

Capacifi High Availability
Using Avreo Capacifi High Availability, healthcare organizations can leverage the power of the Internet of Medical Things and the Cloud to ensure high availability of their valuable healthcare systems and data without maintaining a vast on-site infrastructure. With real-time replication, ransomware protection, push button failover, and local and cloud restoration, Avreo Capacifi HA offers healthcare organizations of all types with an added level of data protection, security, and availability in an easily deployed package. Avreo Capacifi HA is available as a stand-alone solution to support existing critical healthcare systems or can be directly added to Avreo’s interWORKS RIS/PACS, providing an additional level of availability to this streamlined single database, single application solution.

Capacifi DICOM
Avreo Capacifi DICOM virtualizes your DICOM devices to the cloud, offering self-expanding storage and fast image retrieval, which minimizes the need for expensive, forever expanding onsite storage. In addition, this storage technology encrypts data in transport and at rest, and provides storage options to manage expenses based on expected data access and usage. Avreo Capacifi DICOM appliance is available as a stand-alone product to support and augment your existing healthcare storage needs via a Hybrid IT design. It can also be combined with Avreo Capacifi High Availability to fully virtualize your organization’s infrastructure, while providing High Availability to critical healthcare systems by leveraging the Internet of Medical Things and Cloud technology.


4050 Azalea Drive
North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
United States of America

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